Location: Calle Arascues, (MADRID).
Design: José Enrique Fombella Guillem
Construction supervision: José Enrique Fombella Guillem
Date: 2011-2013

Instead of traditional houses built in rows, this small block of three flats on three floors plus a rooftop apartment was built on a plot once occupied by a large family house in Madrid’s leafy suburbs.

The trees (Pinus halepensis) and natural lie of the land were retained while the building differs from the surrounding standard, peri-urban, single-family detached homes.

Common and private uses are combined in one building, each flat having its own outdoor and indoor spaces providing privacy under each user’s control.

Each flat is articulated on different levels, with a complex design that facilitates access to all the spaces available, including gardens for communal and private use, a swimming pool, terraces, a drive and parking facilities.

An attractive exterior emerged, whose geometry, rather than materials or techniques, are reminiscent of the Parisian works of Mallet-Stevens or Le Corbusier.