imagen-principalLocation: Avenida Juan Pablo II. TORRELODONES (MADRID).
Owner: Torrelodones Town Council, Madrid
Design: José Enrique Fombella Guillem and Francisco Javier Morla Juaristi
Construction supervision: José Enrique Fombella Guillem and Francisco Javier Morla Juaristi
Date: 2002-2004

The building was originally a private sports and recreation club, erected in the sixties. The architectural quality could still be appreciated when it was handed over to the town council although it had undergone alterations and was seriously deteriorated.

The refurbishment designed would enhance the original architectural qualities and at the same time restore and upgrade the building for public use.

The project covered all aspects from building services, interior and exterior finishes and structures, to access.

Being located in a highly visible spot, the renovation of the outside was very important. Bearing this in mind, some of the original materials were reused while new ones were carefully selected.

The selection of plants and the treatment of the hard landscaping around the main building were also significant, restructuring the extensive plot surrounding the building.