Location: C/ Sinesio Delgado, MADRID.
Owner: Institute of Health Carlos III. Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness
Design: José Enrique Fombella Guillem and Marta Pastor
Date: 2013

The Institute of Health Carlos III Campus houses multidisciplinary research centres in different blocks but lacks a single building that gives the campus a focal point, not only for catering /cafeteria, but also, and more importantly, for the research staff to be able to meet informally.

The area where the building will be located is in the centre of the complex, below the level of the bordering road, and is surrounded by landscaped, tree-filled gardens.

The topography, the shape of the available space, the orientation, the access roads and the proximity of the existing building, all determined and enhanced the architectural design.

The two-storey project is located in a hollow. Each floor connects to the outside, facilitating the use of the building as a whole and communicating indoor spaces with the pleasant outside area.

The building’s orientation makes the best use of light and both the cafeteria and restaurant enjoy pleasant views. Service areas, the kitchen and their accesses are next to the road in the northern area.

A semi-covered area outside has an etched glass canopy on a lightweight steel structure and will serve as a buffer between inside and out, covering a wide porch that can be used for many months of the year, even for outdoor eating.

The exterior white concrete and sheet metal finishes are consistent with the clean and neutral characteristics of the Campus, while the interiors will provide the warmth and comfort that the use requires, focusing on functionality and minimum maintenance in the service areas.