imagen-principalLocation: Calle Angeles de las Heras, (MADRID).
Design: José Enrique Fombella Guillem and Eduardo Paniagua García-Calderón
Construction supervision: José Enrique Fombella Guillem and Eduardo Paniagua García-Calderón
Date: 1988-1990

Against a complex urban background among a huge variety of building types, the design opted for the more attractive aspects of the traditional environment of Madrid’s former working-class housing schemes, i.e. an intricate interior arrangement where an open layout allows spaces to overlap smoothly, both horizontally and vertically, at the same time retrieving a modern language of expression pursuing a rationalist tradition struggling for survival.

Each house is different, yet they manage to look like a single, assertive and well defined building on a rather chaotic urban horizon.

The balconies at the back are staggered to give a wider view of the private gardens while the façades, cantilevers and openings correspond to interior spaces that combine double height and good, natural central lighting achieved through skylights.

Additional space bordering on the street, with separate access, is used for business purposes while at the same time providing extra usable outside roof space for houses with relatively small gardens.