imagen-principal Location: C/ Alvaro de Luna. Cuenca
Owner: Castile-La Mancha Regional Government, Department of Education and Science in Cuenca.
Final design: José Enrique Fombella Guillem
Date: 2005

A linear design was proposed for this drab urban environment backing onto the railway line. Volumes of different composition, colour and size were placed as far away as possible from the noise of the railway, stating their urban presence as if they were a series of different buildings.
The different functions housed in the school were addressed by designing discontinuous blocks connected by the school entrances that are recessed from the façade.

These entrance blocks are high, well lit spaces that connect the different functional areas of the school.

The gymnasium and dining hall at the ends are higher inside and surround the classroom block which is protected by triple-height porches with stainless steel mesh acting as a solar curtain.

The building was built without the design team.